Friday, 10 October 2008

Evening Leader's UFO spotters' map

The Evening Leader's UFO spotters' map has hit the headlines.

Well, it's been mentioned in and

Basically, I used the site to create a timeline and map of all the recent UFO sightings our newspaper has received. Then I embedded the widget Dipity provides on a custom page on our site.

I been aware that other news sites have been using Dipity for a while, but to be honest I only went and had a look at myself the other day.

It seems to work really well for what I want it to and I expect it can do loads more once you start playing with it.

The mapping system works really well in this case for our UFO spotters, and I think the ability to plot stories on a timeline will be useful if we want to show how an ongoing story has developed.

CLICK HERE for the link to our Dipity UFO widget

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