Thursday, 28 February 2008

Virtual courtroom proves popular

A ‘virtual courtroom’ initiative my website has been working on is proving very popular.

We’ve teamed up with the area’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to produce videos of a mock trial.

The viewer watches a series of them as if they were the magistrate in a domestic violence case and then gets to choose the sentence for the ‘criminal’.

Have a go yourself -

I found I was more lenient that I thought I would be, even when I was sat watching the videos with the CPS lawyer - when I told him my decision he instantly went into prosecution mode firing questions at me to such a degree I was nearly ready to send the poor convicted chap to the gallows.

It was a real pleasure though working with the CPS, they were tremendously professional and showed terrific lateral thinking coming to us with the idea.

They wanted the publicity and web traffic our website could provide and we were looking for interesting content to add value to our site.


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