Monday, 30 March 2015

Wetland conservation at Countess of Chester Country Park

I recently visited the Countess of Chester Country Park and was delighted to see areas of wetlands featuring so heavily there.

The park is just next to Chester's main hospital and was officially opened last year.

Whilst my eldest daughter was receiving some treatment the other week I went for a walk and found that the designers of the park have included plenty of wetland areas.

I think this is absolutely fantastic and shows that we really are starting to appreciate our wetlands nowadays.

The wetland areas aren't huge and could easily have been drained but they haven't, instead they've been preserved, protected and even enhanced.

It's fantastic that wetland conservation is now being considered and taken seriously on so many levels.

These wetlands will provide a great habitat for many different plants, birds and animals and the clever design of the park means that visitors will be able to get really close to them without getting their feet wet.

Those of us involved in wetland science and wetland conservation are often explaining the value of the ecosystem services provided by wetlands.

Maybe one of those overlooked services is the importance for human health and well being, which walking around such special places can have on us.

Wouldn't it be great to think that spending time around the nearby wetlands could help improve the recovery of some of the hospital's patients?

My praise for the wetlands at the Countess of Chester Country Park in the Chester Chronicle

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