Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The need to consider peatland-geoengineering

I recently wrote an article for Wetland Science and Practise, which is published by the Society of Wetland Scientists.

In it I argue for the need to consider peatland-geoengineering as way of cooling our climate.

This means looking at ways of harnessing the unique biogeochemistry of peatlands to capture and store more carbon – which is what my PhD is all about.

We believe this is not only possible but could be more cost-effective, efficient and safer than other proposed bio-geoengineering methods, such as aforestation.

Some members of the wetland scientific community are, for various and obvious reasons, reluctant to use our peatlands for such projects.

However, I end the article by posing a question:  “Should we leave our peatlands alone, while average global temperatures continue to rise, if they have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) levels?”

If you’d like to read my article please get in touch.

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