Sunday, 23 October 2011

David Attenborough on climate change

Sir David Attenborough breaks his silence on climate change in his new BBC natural history series, Frozen Planet.

According to an interview in the Guardian, the 85-year-old talks about the threats posed by man-made global warming in the last episode of the series.

Sir David Attenborough says he has been reluctant to talk about climate change before because he admits he felt un-qualified, not being a climate expert, to give his opinion on the subject.

The Cambridge-educated broadcaster also says his belief in the BBC's impartiality kept him from expressing his views on the dangers of climate change, which he has held for 15 years.

Like everyone interested in natural history I have always thought highly of David Attenborough, but now my opinion of him has reached new heights.

If only more people, on both sides of the climate change debate, would not jump to conclusions without looking at the evidence, which doesn't include reading a few blogs or newspaper articles.

And if only everyone at the BBC held Sir David's strict views on impartiality.

We might then be able to have a more reasoned debate on how to deal with any political, economical and environmental effects of a warming planet - whatever its cause or extent.

Read the full interview with David Attenborough.

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