Monday, 11 July 2011

Peatlands: our greatest source of carbon credits?

My first scientific paper has been published: "Peatlands: our greatest source of carbon credits?".

It's a review of the legislation on the UNFCCC's Kyoto Protocol and how peatlands fit into the picture.

I look at developments in the more recent COP meetings which affect peatlands and how future climate-change legislation may take advantage of these huge carbon stores.

The paper also considers how peatlands could be incorporated into existing and emerging carbon markets and national greenhouse gas inventory systems.

Sound exciting? Well just follow the link for more! Peatlands: our greatest source of carbon credits?

I also gave a talk based on the paper at the Joint Meeting of the Society of Wetland Scientists, WETPOL and Wetland Biogeochemistry Symposium 2011 in Prague.

I uploaded the slides from this here: Peatlands in the Kyoto Protocol and their potential role in post-2012 climate change legislation.

Feel free to get in touch if you've any questions about the subject.

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