Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Blogging using an iPhone app

I try not to go on about how great I find the iPhone and hardly ever say 'there's an app for that'.
However, on the whole the iPhone is a great piece of kit and I do seem to have an application for just about everything.

Doing plenty of freelance journalism and PR work I find it invaluable, but I can see an even bigger use for it in reporting live events.
You can instantly email or tweet, attaching a geolocation and picture - via TwitPic - to the latter.
The iPhone even has he ability to upload content to sites such as Flickr and YouTube.
Or, as I'm testing out at the moment, publish directly to a blog.
The application I'm using to publish to this Blogger site is called BlogPress.
It's free and simple to use, and if it works, will mean I can update my blog from anywhere I have a mobile phone signal.
Of course Wordpress have a similar iPhone app which I've used for a while to keep on top of several sites and it works perfectly.

So, without becoming an iPhone bore, there's yet another reason why you should have one these devices.

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